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The Exchange Code of Conduct


All of The Exchange members are here to develop or deepen a growing relationship with Jesus.  In order to do that in a safe and encouraging environment, a code of conduct creates clarity for all involved, helps prevents conflicts and promotes a culture of Christ-like behavior. 

Participants in The Exchange, should understand and agree to the following:

I will be responsible!   

  • I will not use cell phones, iPods, cameras or other personal electronic or entertainment devices during The Exchange. 
  • I will do my part to keep the church building clean by picking up trash, being responsible in the restroom and washing my hands. 

I will be Respectful!   

  • I will respect, listen to, and cooperate with The Exchange staff at all times. 
  • I will respect myself, other people, other people’s property, and the church property. 
  • I will be an encourager, not one who ridicules, makes fun of, or is critical of others. 
  • I will show respect by not causing disruptions and not talking unless called on to respond during teaching times. 
  • I will use language that reflects Jesus; I will not use curse words or other foul language.

I will be Safe!   

  • I will keep my hands to myself: no tickling, wrestling, hitting or inappropriate touching. 
  • I will stay with my group at all times. 
  • I will not possess a gun, knife, or any other weapon at any Exchange activity.    

Failure to comply with the code of conduct:

The “Three Count” will be used for correcting the behavior of an individual who chooses to misbehave and break any part of the code of conduct. 

Count of “ONE.”  

– A warning is given by a leader, to a child, that he/she should stop misbehaving.  The child will be told why this warning has been given.

Count of “TWO.”  

– The misbehaving child is counseled by The Exchange Director. 

Count of “THREE.”  

– Having received a “THREE” count, the child’s parents will be called to pick up their child from The Exchange.  

**Any student who hits, kicks, bites, spits on/at another student automatically receives a count of “TWO.” **