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We are excited for another year of Cubbies!  We have tons of fun with your children;  it is so rewarding to see their knowledge grow in the Lord through singing, Bible stories, Bible verse memory and games.

On September 13th, each child will be sent home with a book.  This year we are doing the Appleseed Lessons, or Bear Hugs.  A schedule of each week’s Bear Hug will be taped inside the front cover of the book.  Please take a look at the schedule to know which lesson to review at home for the week.  We do not have time to do all of the lessons in the book; therefore we do some skipping around and do not always move on the next Bear Hug in the book.  Additionally, there may be times we do not meet due to inclement weather or another conflict.  In these cases, we will keep you informed as to which Bear Hugs to complete at home before our next meeting.

Each week there is an activity in the book called “Under the Apple Tree.”  This activity corresponds with the Bear Hug.  This activity is extra and is not mandatory. However, we encourage you, if you have a little bit of extra time, to do this with your child. It is a reinforcement of the lesson we are reviewing and provides an opportunity for life application of the Bible verse. If this activity is complete, they will receive an apple sticker to place on their tree.

Every week, we will take turns sending Cubbie Bear home with the children.  This is a favorite activity of all the Cubbies and one each child looks forward to as their turn approaches.  We encourage you to have Cubbie participate in your child’s daily activities throughout the week.  A journal is sent home as well where each child can share about the experiences they have with Cubbie.  Pictures of the adventures are always fun for the other Cubbies to see!  This is a long-standing and much loved experience for all Cubbies.

We also take turns with the snack bucket.  It is fun to see the children sharing a snack with their friends. Snack ideas include: cheese sticks, fruit, snack mix, individual apple sauce cups, cookies, etc.  We prefer no cupcakes as they are hard to clean up.  We will provide water for the children to drink with their snack.

If you have any questions throughout the year, please contact Cami Buller at 308-235-5827.

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